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It's with great pleasure that FQAS now offers its members new privileges. In addition to receiving four times a year the "En profondeur" and take out liability insurance of $ 5,000,000 covering activities of its underwater divers, being a member of FQAS is also advantageous rates on:


 the Quebec Aquarium.
 At conferences of the FQAS.

A detailed list is available upon request.


Members wishing to receive this list, please contact us.
By phone at 514-252-3009 or toll free at 1-866-391-8835.

By fax at 514-254-1363.

By Email at  info@fqas.qc.ca


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Quickly find the service you need

The list of corporate members of the FQAS is undoubtedly the best resource on the web to find shops or clubs nearest you offering the services you need.


Want to follow a diving course? Looking for qualified instructors located in your area? You want to make sure your dive instructor is qualified for the diving course for you? See the list of delegates to find a complete list of qualified diving instructors in Quebec.


You want to ensure that the visual inspection technician is qualified to inspect your cylinder? See the list of visual inspection technicians and have your cylinder inspected with peace of mind!

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